Former senator Billow Kerow claims Treasury bribed National Assembly committee to pass budget in 2015

for Tv47 Digital September 22, 2022, 04:34 PM
Former Senator Billow Kerow claims parliamentary committee was bribed KSh3 billion by the Treasury
Former Mandera Senator Billow Kerow. PHOTO / File

Former Senator of Mandera County, Billow Kerow, has claimed that in 2015, the Treasury bribed the National Assembly Budget Committee KSh3 billion  so they could approve some financial bills.

Speaking at the induction retreat for senators in Naivasha on Thursday, September 22, the former senator said the situation raised integrity questions about the Treasury and implementation of the budget.

"The parliamentary committee for budget and appropriations were given Ksh.3 billion so that they can approve some things and we spent a whole afternoon in Senate discussing how could National Assembly accept to be bribed," said Kerow.

"That shows you the degree at which the Treasury sometimes go to try and influence the legislature in the same way that county governors will try and influence the county assembly so that they can get a few things included," he added.

Kerow went on to say that one of the biggest challenges the country faces is transparency citing the Goldenberg scandal where "money was in the budget but because of the opaqueness of the budget it could not be detected."

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