56-year-old woman pregnant with own son's baby

for Tv47 Digital September 23, 2022, 09:21 AM
Nancy Hauck
Jeff Hauck (left) his pregnant mother Nancy Hauck (center and his father in a photo shoot session. PHOTO/FILE

A 56-year-old woman from Utah in the United States of America is currently a few weeks to giving birth to one of her grandchildren.

Nancy Hauck is serving as the surrogate for her 32-year-old son Jeff Hauck and his 30-year-old wife Cambria Hauck.

Jeff and his wife who are parents to four children had struggled to conceive for six years before they had twins, Vera and Ayva, now three, and another set, Diseal, and Luka, 11 months.

However, their plans to have a bigger family hit a major setback last year following Cambria's hysterectomy during the birth of their 11-month-old twins.

After learning of their situation, their mother jumped in and offered to help them after learning that she still could be able to give birth in January.

"I never planned for it, but I had this feeling not long after Cambria’s traumatic birth that I should carry their baby. I told them I was willing but that I thought I would be old. But to my surprise medics said I was healthy and could do it and here I am," Nancy told SWNS.

Within weeks, she became pregnant with the fertilized embryos from Jeff and Cambria. The pair are now waiting for the birth of their newborn anytime from next month.

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