Drama as Kikuyu Police Station officer rans away with OB, cocks gun at residents

for Tv47 Digital September 23, 2022, 04:07 PM
kikuyu police station officer causes drama-
This file photo has been used for illustration purposes. A police attacked to Kikuyu Police Station caused drama on September 22, 2022 night after running away with the Occurrence Book.

Drama ensued at the Kikuyu Police Station in Kiambu County on Thursday, September 23 night after a police officer ran away with the OB.

Constable Marcel Wekesa is said to have reported for night duty at the station at 7pm. However, he left the police station slightly over two hours later.

A police report says that the officer was later arrested harassing members of the public. At some point, he even cocked a gun while threatening to shoot them.

"The said officer was disarmed and escorted to the station where he was booked. After a while the said officer grabbed the Occurrence book from the report desk and ran away with it towards Kikuyu town,” the police report reads in part.

His colleagues were able to chase after him and recovered the Occurrence Book (OB) at Makutano area.

The officer is said to be intoxicated when he reported for duty.

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