Kakamega family hospitalised after daughter's boyfriend allegedly poisoned their githeri

for Tv47 Digital October 05, 2022, 02:09 PM
Family of five in Kakamega in critical condition after eating poisoned githeri. TV47
IMAGE: Kenyan delicacy, githeri (a mixture of maize and beans). PHOTO/COURTESY

A family in Kakamega is fighting for their lives at the Lugari Station Hospital after allegedly consuming poisoned githeri (a mixture of beans and maize). Evelyn Ongachi, the mother of four has alleged that the githeri was poisoned by her daughter's boyfriend.

Ongachi reportedly boiled the meal on Sunday, October 2, and left it in her kitchen before heading to church. Upon returning home, one of her children decided to fry the boiled githeri for the family to eat.

"I always put food in the kitchen for the children. Now when I came back, I was told that the children had some food left, so let's eat it before cooking supper. The children fried the remaining githeri and served," Ongachi told journalists.

It did not take long before all the five members of the family started complaining of  stomachaches.  

Poisoned by daughter's boyfriend?

"As soon as we started eating, trouble began. We all vomited until none of us could make a phone call to ask for help."

Fortunately, she says that a neighbour came to pick her the following day so that they could go to work only to be shocked by the dire situation they were in. She rushed them to hospital.

Ongachi's daughter's boyfriend had reportedly threatened that he would do something to them that would be published in the media. The threat was made after he destroyed her kitchen in the presence of their neighbours.

"I have been threatened several times. My daughter just had a baby with a boy next door. The other day, the young man came and caused havoc in my house and said that if he does not kill someone, he will do something that will be published in the media," said Ongachi.

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