Snakes terrorise Baringo residents: Six dead, 387 bitten

for Tv47 Digital October 07, 2022, 09:36 AM
Baringo snake bites
A woman holds a child bitten by a snake at Kisok, Baringo Central sub-County. PHOTO/COURTESY

Residents of Baringo continue to be terrorised by snakes which have led to the deaths of six people in the last six months while there have been 387 cases of snakebites.

Anti venom shortage continues to bite the area even as the world marked the international snake bite day on September 19.

Experts say the adverse effects of climate change and droughts experienced in parts of Baringo have seen the upsurge of snake bites as the reptiles encroach people's homesteads.

Others say they got bites when they were out looking for pasture for their livestock.

Through the rising cases the county health team and Snabirc-Kenya have started robust measures through sensitization of people of Kaptara and Kapluk area where the aforementioned deaths were reported.

Winnie Bore, the Founder and Executive Director of Snabirc-Kenya said the rising cases of snake bite and shortage of anti venom has led to many residents in areas prone to snakes continue to suffer.

She noted that areas of Baringo North, Central and Tiaty are leading with cases of snakes bites with common snakes being black mamba, puffadder, East Africa Red viper and forest cobra.

According to Baringo County government ministry of health, there have been increased cases of snake bite with others bitten at night with the serpent looking for water and chicks.

The authorities urged residents not to live with their poultry in the house to avoid cases of snake bites.

Baringo County in the recent past has been leading with cases of snake bites with the kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) withdrawing compensation to victims as hundredths continue to suffer.

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