Senator Mungatana: How I was conned KSh76M by a West African 'witch-doctor'

for Tv47 Digital October 07, 2022, 10:12 AM
Senator Mungatana was conned by witch doctor
A file photo of Tana River Senator Danson Mungatana. On October 6, 2022, Mungatana narrated to a Nairobi court how a Chad national allegedly conned him KSh120 million.

Tana River Senator Danstan Mungatana on Thursday, October 6 narrated to a Nairobi court how a Chad national conned him 1 million dollars (KSh120 million).

Mungatana told the trial magistrate that Abdulahi Tamba Kuro had told him that he could assist him invest in business if he gave out the money

Court heard that the senator had given the accused KSh500,000 the first time and he returned KSh1 million after six months. He saw the man being honest and was persuaded to part with KSh5 millionĀ  which he later received KSh10 million.

The third time - which is the subject of the criminal case facing the foreigner - Mungatana gave KSh120 million, thereafter the accused disappeared from 2011 until he was arrested in 2018.

I sold everything

"I never suspected that it would go wrong because the accused inspires you with confidence when you go to his place you will see many vehicles his apartment is Richly serviced with men watching over him, he's been treated like a king and will never think that anything would go wrong," the senator said.

He told the court that he did everything to come up with the money, including selling his assets and property, and borrowing loans from commercial banks.

"I believed him and I started looking for that money. I sold properties that were in my name, I sold shares that were in my name and my late wife's name, we had cars that had log books we want to the banks and your honour we took short term loans, I had a home in Karen with seven rooms and at that time I was an MP it was the biggest investment I had made it was KSh70 million and I took a mortgage," he added.

So far three witnesses have given evidence and case was adjourned until November 3rd 2022.

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