Missing car in Arshad Sharif's shooting wasn't stolen; Owner's son, 26, found with it

for Tv47 Digital October 26, 2022, 04:25 PM
Arshad Sharif: Brothers who hosted slain journalist questioned
Arshad Sharif had been at the Ammodump Kwenia Shooting Range for the better part of Sunday, October 23. PHOTO / Facebook/Arshad Sharif

A fresh twist has emerged regarding the car that was alleged to have been reported stolen leading to the fatal shooting of Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif.

Police say they were pursuing a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van registration number KDJ 700F while Arshad Sharif was traveling in a Toyota Landcruiser V8 registration number KDJ 200M.

A man identified as Douglas Wainaina told detectives at Pangani Police Station that he had left his car, with his son inside, at a parking lot in Ngara but he neither found his car nor his son when he returned.

They tracked the vehicle and found it within Kiserian area, Kajiado prompting them to alert their colleagues in the area.

The head of the Magadi General Service Unit training camp was asked to lay a roadblock and stop the car in case it moved in that direction.

'The Stolen Car'

In the Mercedes Benz's driver's seat was Mr Wainaina's son identified as Duncan found by police at a petrol station in Kiserian.

The 26-year-old, after questioning, told police that he had argued with his father and decided to drive off with the car in anger.

Duncan appeared in court on Tuesday, October 25 for driving without a license, but his father who was the complainant through, lawyer Elisha Ndemo, withdrew the case.

The search for the missing car was still ongoing when the one carrying the Pakistani jouranlist emerged at a roadblock. 

GSU officers were looking for a speeding vehicle coming their way and according to them, Sharif's car refused to stop and one officers was shot at from what they say is the vehicle's direction injuring his left palm.

The officers then fired nine bullets at the Toyota Landcruiser in which the journalist was travelling in alongside his driver.

Police have since termed it a case of mistaken identity.

Shooting Range

It has emerged that Sharif's driver at the time, Khurram Ahmed, is a brother to the owner of a shooting range in the area, Waqar Ahmed. 

Sharif had been at the Ammodump Kwenia Shooting Range for the better part of Sunday, October 23.

After the shooting incident, Khurram called his brother before he instructed him to drive with him to Tinga shopping centre for attention. Unfortunately, Sharif had bled to death by the time he was arriving at the gate.

Police arrived there later and searched the car for weapons in vain. They later moved the body to the mortuary.

The body arrived Wednesday morning in Pakistan.

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