George Mwangi murder: How farmhand who went missing on the same day was arrested

for Tv47 Digital November 07, 2022, 10:30 AM
George Mwangi, the husband of Kiambu politician and activist Gladys Chania was found dead in Kieni Forest on October 12, 2022.

In Summary

  • John Muikiriria Mwangi went missing on the same day police say Rwanda-based Kiambu businessman George Mwangi was murdered.
  • This brings to three, the number of suspects arrested in the murder of Mwangi, the prime suspect being his widow, Gladys Chania.

On Sunday, November 6, we reported that the third suspect in the murder of Rwanda-based Kiambu businessman George Mwangi had been arrested.

Today (Monday, November 7), the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have released details of how John Muikiriria Mwangi was nabbed by detectives working on the case.

Muikiriria went missing on the same day the gruesome murder was reportedly executed.

He was arrested at Karinga location in Gatundu South sub-County, bringing the number of arrested suspects following the cold-blood murder to three. Others are the prime suspect, the deceased's widow Gladys Chania and Morris Kamau Mbugua.

Muikiriria's arrest follows comprehensive investigations conducted by sleuths from the homicide department, who took over investigations into the murder.

The detectives found it was too much of a coincidence that the second accused Morris Kamau Mbugua was hired on October 8, 2022 by the main suspect, just a day before the death and disappearance of the deceased while Muikiriria went missing on the same day.

"According to Chania, John Mwangi Muikiriria, who had worked at the home for four years allegedly failed to return home after she sent him to deposit some money on M-pesa," DCI reports.

Chania and Mbugua were charged on 2nd November 2022 at Kiambu law courts.

Kiambu politician Gladys Chania (right) and co-accused Morris Mbugua when they were arraigned in court on October 17 2022. She is accused of masterminding the murder of her husband George Mwangi. PHOTO/TV47

Murdered at his own house

After conducting a thorough forensic documentation of the deceased’s house in Mang’u, DCI says that detectives based at the Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau, Homicide department, Forensic Crime Scene and Photographic units concluded that George Mwangi was murdered in his house before his body was dumped at Kieni forest, some 20 kilometres away.

Pieces of blood stained metal rods, blood soaked bed sheets, stained curtains and clothing were part of the exhibits that were recovered in the house by the sleuths based at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory.

Muikiriria - who is the third suspect - will be arraigned today morning at Kiambu law courts.

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