U.S gov't offers KSh1.2B reward if you help arrest three Al-Shabaab leaders

for Tv47 Digital November 14, 2022, 04:03 PM
Al-Shabaab leaders
Placard with three Al-Shabaab leaders Mahad Karate, Jehad Mostafa, and Ahmed Diriye.

In Summary

  • The U.S says that the three Al Shabaab leaders have orchestrated terrorist attacks in Somalia, Kenya and neighbouring countries.

The US government has offered $10 million (KSh1.2 billion) on any information leading to the arrest of three of Al-Shabaab leaders.

The three; Mahad Karate, Jehad Mostafa and Ahmed Diriye are said to be the ring leaders behind numerous Al-Shabaab attacks in Kenya and Somalia.

"Reward! 💰Up to $10M for information on terrorists MAHAD KARATE, AHMED DIRIYE & JEHAD MOSTAFA for their involvement in numerous attacks that have killed thousands of people in Somalia, Kenya & other countries.

"These key leaders of Al-Shabaab are responsible for numerous terrorist attacks in Somalia, Kenya, and neighboring countries that have killed thousands of people," the US government says.

Along with the three, the US government has further offered another KSh1.2 billion for any information about Al-Shabaab's illicit financing.

"Al-Shabaab relies on financing and facilitation networks to sustain its operations and plan terrorist attacks. If you have information about Al-Shabaab's illicit financial activities, submit a tip via signal, Telegram or WhatsApp to the numbers below; Kenya +254-71-87-12-366 and Somalia +252-68-43-308," U.S government said in a statement.

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