President Ruto tells Korean church he won election because he believes in God unlike his opponents

for Tv47 Digital November 24, 2022, 12:10 PM
President William Ruto says he won the election because he believed in God unlike his opponents who believed in the people. TV47
President William Ruto at the Myung Sung Presbyterian Church in South Korea. PHOTO/TV47

In Summary

  • President Ruto and First Lady attended evening service at the Myung Sung Presbyterian Church, South Korea.
  • Ruto credited his election win to the power of prayer.

President Wiliam Ruto and First Lady Racheal Ruto attended an evening service on Wednesday, November 23 at Myung Sung Presbyterian Church, South Korea

The President described the church as "the largest church I have ever seen". It is the largest Presbyterian Church in the world. He asserted that he would always keep God first even as President.

President Ruto urged the congregation to pray for the world's peace and stability. He reminded them of the power of prayer saying he would not have won the election were it not for God.

“In the last election, it was not just about issues of politics, it was also a referendum between those who believe in God and those who believed in men. And those who believed in God won,” he said.

The First Lady on the other hand thanked the church for their acts of service such as building churches, hospitals and schools in Africa.

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