CS Kuria's 'loose tongue' on GMO debate irks Nandi Governor Sang

for Tv47 Digital November 25, 2022, 10:09 AM
Stephen Sang irked by CS Moses Kuria
Nandi Governor Stephen Sang during the swearing in of the county's CEC Members on November 24, 2022. PHOTO/Stephen Sang-Twitter

In Summary

  • Nandi Governor Stephen Sang now wants Trade CS Moses Kuria to be mindful of his words and think before making "controversial" public utterances.

    • "We’re now asking the minister, that campaigns is over, you’re now the minister in charge. There is a manner and a way that a minister should be able to address issues," Governor Sang says.

    When the National Assembly Committee on Appointments was vetting President William Ruto's Cabinet Secretary nominees, some of the members had expressed concerns over some of the nominees' "loose tongue".

    Defence CS nominee Aden Duale and his Trade counterpart Moses Kuria were particularly questioned on this. Nevertheless, the nominees assured the nation that in the past they were politicians and had to say what they said, in the manner they said. But now... they are venturing into different duties that require calmness, and that they were up to the task.

    Fast forward one month later, CS Kuria is on the headlines, over his tongue.

    "Being in this country you are a candidate for death and because there are many things competing for death in this country, there is nothing wrong with adding GMOs to that list," these were the words of CS Kuria on November 17 regarding the ongoing debate involving Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

    The GMO debate

    President Ruto's administration hurriedly lifted a 2012 ban on GMO foods immediately after taking over in September 2022.

    Last week, CS Kuria revealed that the government would now allow traders to import 10 million bags of GMO maize in the country, in a bid to tackle the ongoing drought.

    This move, done especially at a time when local farmers in North Rift region are harvesting their produce, has made a section of Kenyans to sense mischief. 

    Governor Sang's concerns

    Nandi Governor Stephen Sang now wants CS Kuria to think before uttering in public.

    "We’re now asking the minister, that campaigns is over, you’re now the minister in charge. There is a manner and a way that a minister should be able to address issues," Sang says.

    Sang says that CS Kuria is doing a good job at his Ministry, but the utterances he makes in public sessions and social media platforms can only but paint a bad picture of him and the entire Kenya Kwanza administration.

    "We’re asking Moses Kuria, you’re doing a good job, but can you step down from the social media and come and start working with sectors and farmers and groups so that those wonderful programs that you have in your ministry can have a good grounding as we work towards moving our nation forward," he adds.

    According to the governor, the time for blame game is over, and that this is the time President Ruto's government should concentrate fully on delivering its campaign pledges to Kenyans.

    "We no longer have anybody else to blame, we’re the government now, and therefore please, let us desist from engaging in statements that may not be helpful, that may create misconceptions and set the government against its people.”

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