Former Luo-Nyanza leaders oppose Raila's call for mass action

for Tv47 Digital December 04, 2022, 12:32 PM
Former Luo-Nyanza leaders oppose Raila's call for mass action
Former Luo-Nyanza leaders from left to right: oppose Raila's call for mass action Edick Anyanga, Fred Outa and Okoth Obado. They have called upon Luo-Nyanza residents to shun Raila Odinga's call for mass action.

In Summary

  • Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition leader Raila Odinga says that Kenya's criminal justice system is collapsing. 

  • "That is why cases are rapidly being dropped, criminals are being celebrated and turned into prosecution witnesses," says Raila.
  • Raila also accuses President William Ruto of habouring 'evil' ambitions of turning Kenya into a dictatorship, assuring him that just like before, they will fight to bring down dictatorship.

A section of former leaders in Luo Nyanza have castigated Azimio leader Raila Odinga's call for mass action. 

Former Nyatike legislator Edick Omondi Anyanga, former Kisumu Senator Fred Outa and former Migori Governor Okoth Obado say there are many ways of solving the country’s challenges without sowing the seeds of disunity. 

"There are so many solutions that Raila can come up with, and not demonstrations. Please people of Migori listen to me, don't allow yourself to be misused or to be used by your superiors. Fanya kazi yako vile inatakikana. Hapana fanya kitu kwa sababu 'somebody has given me instructions', siasa iliisha," said Anyanga.

Raila has called for demonstrations to “resist the capture and emasculation of key institutions.” He claims President William Ruto’s government is “taking a machete to hack and mutilate the Constitution.” 

"We are calling on our people not to go to the streets. Let those who are organising for demonstrations go to the streets with their children. We only have one president and that is William Ruto," Outa added.

The former leaders say the call for mass action will put the youth at risk of ugly confrontations with police. They said youth need economic empowerment, not political unrest. 

The leaders were speaking at God Kwer village in Suna West sub-County while distributing relief food to residents who have been affected by the prevailing famine and drought.

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