"Mimi sijihusishi na ghasia, na siyo uoga!" - Kalonzo Musyoka on planned Azimio demonstrations

for Tv47 Digital January 05, 2023, 09:34 PM
Kalonzo Musyoka on Azimio protests
Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka during an interview with TV47's Elizabeth Mutuku on January 5, 2023. He says that he will not be a part of a violent, chaotic demonstrations. PHOTO/TV47

In Summary

  • Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka says that he will participate in peaceful demonstrations to urge President William Ruto's gov't to shape up.

  • "Kama maandamano yatakuwepo yatakuwa ni ya amani kwa sababu mimi sijihusishi na ghasia, na Wakenya wote wanajua mimi siyo muoga," Kalonzo says.

Wiper Democratic Movement Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has hinted at Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition demonstrations in 2023.

Speaking on Thursday, January 5 in an interview with TV47's Elizabeth Musyoka, Kalonzo said that the demonstrations will be to oblige President William Ruto's Kenya Kwanza government against turning Kenya into a dictatorship.

Kalonzo was however quick to point out that he will only be a part of peaceful demonstrations.

"Mwaka huu utakuwa mgumu sana kwa upande wa kiuchumi. UDA walisema wapewe siku 100 ili warekebishe gharama ya juu ya maisha, lakini sasa wanasema wapewe mwaka mmoja. Kama maandamano yatakuwepo yatakuwa ni ya amani kwa sababu mimi sijihusishi na ghasia, na Wakenya wote wanajua mimi siyo muoga. Mimi ni buffalo soldier siogopi, laini nataka wananchi waishi kwa amani, na mipangilio ifatwe. Kwa hivyo hakutakuwa na protest, kutakuwa na maandamano ya amani," Kalonzo said.

According to Kalonz0, the 2010 Constitution made it possible for Kenyans to demand a positive change to their welfare in a peaceful manner.

"Katiba ya 2010 imetuweka pahala ambapo kama wakenya wanataka mabadiliko flani, yatafanyika kwa njia ya amani," Kalonzo added, but insisted that the decision to engege in mass action will be informed after consultations with all Azimio coalition stakeholders.

Raila's call for mass action

Late last year, Azimio leader Raila Odinga had called for demonstrations to “resist the capture and emasculation of key institutions" by President Ruto's government.

The former prime minister insisted that Ruto was “taking a machete to hack and mutilate the Constitution.” 

He maintained that the opposition coalition was within its right to engage with its supporters in protesting, although there was an uproar from a section of Kenyans who wanted Raila to stop the meetings, on grounds that they will be chaotic and violent.

But in a rejoinder, Raila clarified that the nationwide public consultative forums were not protests as has been interpreted by some Kenyans.

"If we wanted to do a protest, we would have informed the police to provide security but we are not demonstrating, we are not engaging in any act of thuggery or hooliganism and no property will be destroyed," Raila said, adding, "we urge the government not to use this as an excuse to bring thugs there to try and disrupt this function."

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