Senator Gloria Orwoba: "I can assure you that Sakaja's impeachment will come"

for Tv47 Digital January 10, 2023, 11:52 AM
"I can assure you that Sakaja's impeachment will come."- Senator Gloria Orwoba
Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba (left) and Johnson Sakaja (right). PHOTO/COURTESY

In Summary

  • Senator Gloria Orwoba has warned governor Sakaja against defying DP Gachagua saying that the DP fought hard to put him in office.
  • She has asked the governor to keep in mind that he will need Gachagua and Kenya Kwanza senators in the event he is impeached by Nairobi County Assembly. 

Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba has warned Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja against what she says is defying Deputy President (DP) Rigathi Gachagua. 

Speaking on TV47's 'Morning Cafe' show, Senator Orwoba sent a message to the city boss reminding him that DP Gachagua also fought to make him governor. 

"This is my message to Governor Sakaja;- he must remember that he was on the receiving end of Azimio. It is Gachagua, our Deputy President, His Excellency, who actually fought left, right and center to ensure he clinches the governorship..."


"He (Sakaja) has to remember that he is elected under UDA and that it is UDA that fought left, right and center and ensured that he clinched that seat. So, however way (SIC) he looks at it, unless he wants to come out clean and tell us he used UDA to get into office and after that, he really does not care, he must cede ground," added the senator.

She also advised the city boss not to trust the MCAs as they might impeach him. "If that impeachment passes the County Assembly ask yourself if you will have the numbers at Senate. Will you not need the likes of Rigathi Gachagua to round up the Mount Kenya troops?"

"Will you not need the support of Kenya Kwanza Alliance? Remember, because that impeachment will come he should remember that he was a politician before he got elected. When an impeachment motion comes, I want Sakaja to ask himself whether or not he needs Kenya Kwanza," she concluded. 

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