Kitui court grants divorce to Pastor's wife on grounds of infidelity

for Tv47 Digital January 23, 2023, 12:57 PM
An illustration of divorce.

A divorce court has okayed the separation of a Kitui couple on grounds of infidelity. The couple has three children. 

The court heard that the couple started experiencing problems in their marriage when the woman was in Form Two. The man, who was paying for her secondary education, became unfaithful and started cohabiting with his mistress.

He admitted to adultery when the wife confronted him. The wife continued living with him although they barely talked. She left her matrimonial home upon completion of her secondary education.

The man told the court that the marriage could not be salvaged as his wife had also become unfaithful after going back to school. He was, however, unable to convince the court that the wife had stepped out of their marriage.

"To the contrary, it is stated and not denied that it is the man who is guilty of adultery and is currently cohabiting with another woman despite the fact that he is a pastor," said Justice Lilian Mutende.

Justice Matende granted them divorce arguing that forcing them to be together would be an exercise in futility. 

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