X-Trail drowning tragedy: Burial held for man who died alongside 22-year-old lover

for Tv47 Digital January 28, 2023, 06:35 AM
Tirus Maina X-Trail drowning funeral
Tirus Maina's 3-paragraph eulogy, his secret lover Fridah Warau Kamuyu and the Nissan X-Trail that plunged into the dam. PHOTOS/COURTESY

In Summary

  • The two lovers died when the Nissan X-Trail plunged into Titanic Dam in Kimbo area on Tuesday January 17. 
  • The burial service in Gumba village, Mukurwe-ini, was conducted by a pastor from the Anglican Church. 

Tirus Maina Gikonyo, the 39-year-old businessman who drowned alongside her 22-year-old mistress was laid to rest yesterday. 

Maina's final resting place was Gumba village, Mukurwe-ini constituency, Nyeri County. 

He died on the evening of Tuesday, January 17, when his Nissan X-Trail plunged into Titanic Dam in Kimbo, Kiambu County. Some say it was by design - and not accident- but Juja OCPD Phyllis Muthoni confirmed to TV47 Digital that they are probing this theory. 

Maina, a father of three, was having a good time with her voluptuous paramour identified as Fridah Warau Kamuyu.

She had only recently graduated from university. On Friday, social media was awash with her photos in bright flowery outfits, her rotund face glowing with bonhomie and contentment. 

Social media is awash with photos of Fridah Warau Kamuyu, her face glowing with bonhomie. PHOTO | COURTESY

The spot where the two lovers had parked for an evening of romance beneath the stars is popularly known as 'Park 'N Chill.' The young and young-at-heart assembled in their cars for an evening of booze and music and sex. In the words of American stand-up comedian Richard Pryor, Maina and Warau "came and went at the same time."

Maina's burial was an oddly low-key affair for a man who had been described by his wife Margaret Kiiru as "having many friends." There were no photographs and few were allowed to speak. 

The eulogy was as short. There were no tributes, and no photos. The eulogy, only three paragraphs, read: CELEBRATING THE MAN WHO WAS LOVING AND CARING

The late Titus [SIC] Maina was born in February 1984 at Mukurweini, Nyeri County. He was the third-born son of the late Joseph Gikonyo and Madrin Wangui. He was a loving brother to Jedidah Wangari, the late Judy Wairimu, Michael Mbore, Jpyce Wanjiru and Isaiah Mwangi.

The late started his school at Kariara Primary and moved to Rutune Primary then Dedan Kimathi University.

The late Tirus relocated to Thika where he started working as an engineer since 2006 with different companies in and out of the country until his demise.

It later emerged to the mourners that there had been another more comprehensive version of Maina's eulogy, which was substituted with the abridged one. 

 “We had done a very comprehensive eulogy but it is not the one we found here. The eulogy was only written in English, just one version, and was read out by one of the villagers. We were surprised when we saw this brief eulogy which is different from the initial one,” a source is quoted as saying. 

The family of Warau, the paramour, is still tightlipped on burial plans as it continues to mourn her untimely passing. 

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