Former Jubilee MP Ngunjiri Wambugu goes for Raila's jugular: This is over-used gameplay

for Tv47 Digital January 29, 2023, 06:04 AM
Former Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu (left), and Azimio leader Raila Odinga.
Former Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu (left), and Azimio leader Raila Odinga. PHOTOS/COURTESY

In Summary

  • The Jacaranda rally is slated for today Sunday January 29, and is part of Raila's five-point action plan.
  • Raila lost to President William Ruto in the August election though he claims he was robbed of victory. 

Former Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has called out Azimio leader Raila Odinga and other senior politicians in his line-up over his recent political game plan that seems targeted at piling pressure on the administration of President William Ruto in the hope of securing a seat at the high table. 

Writing on social media on the eve of the planned Azimio Jacaranda rally, Ngunjiri who unsuccessfully vied for the constituency seat in the August 2022 poll under the Azimio coalition, said Raila should "normalize losing elections in Kenya."

Raila has lost at the presidential ballot five times. 

"If you never accept you have lost an election then you will never benefit from learning where you went wrong," Ngunjiri says. "Which means you will keep doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results; and then get upset and mobilize all of us to get upset with you, about this consistent result."

Raila held a rally at Kamukunji grounds on Monday January 23 soon after arriving in Kenya from a seven-day trip to South Africa. Bolstered by data from an anonymous IEBC whistleblower, which claimed he won the August race by garnering 8.1million votes [against Ruto's purported 5.9 million], Raila said he does not recognise President Ruto as Kenya's Head of State. 

Official IEBC data showed that Ruto won after polling 7.1 million against Raila's 6.9 million. 

"What we are going to demand is that Mr. Ruto should resign and let the Kenyans have their will the people's will is God's will," said Raila. 

Today's Jacaranda rally is part of his five-point action plan that also includes product boycott, lobbying the international community, calling for tax disobedience, and mass action. He used the tactic effectively to secure 'Nusu Mkate' [coalition pact] in the administration of President Mwai Kibaki [2008-2013], and President Uhuru Kenyatta ['Handshake; 2018-2022].

"Then there is this overused #GamePlay," ex-MP Ngunjiri stress. "Start a #PublicBaraza in #Kamukunji; head into a #PublicRally in #Jacaranda; gradually build up public anger in additional rallies in #Mombasa, #Nakuru, etc … the process quickly becomes is #MassAction, & #Chaos; with loss of life AND property. But you do manage to get yourself onto the table with the #BigBoys. And Negotiate. Then move on and leave everyone who was in the streets with you counting their losses, and you count your profits! #WRONG! 

"And the poor innocent Kenyan who shows up for each event - offering his body & life for you - because he believes that these events are about YOU using YOUR INFLUENCE for THEM; about #ImprovingCostOfLiving, #ImprovingHealthcare, #ReducingTaxes, etc only learn later that the whole process they were so excited about, and which they put their all on the line for, was just for the few #Wadosi to negotiate how to survive as #VVIPS outside ‘official’ power. Once the negotiation is done #WalalaHoi are left kwa mataa, kama kawaThis I will never support. Period."

President William Ruto has previously said there will be no handshake, and Azimio should play it opposition role.  

“The government is not going to be blackmailed to serve the interests of a few people and their families. Tafuteni mtu mwingine wa kutisha sio mimi (Find someone else to threat, not me),” the President said. “Niachieni hawa nitadeal na wao (Leave them to me, I will deal with them).”

The Jacaranda rally is slated for today Sunday January 29. 

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