"I was to spend KSh102,000" - Silver lining for Kiambu Grade 7 student moved from private to public school

for Tv47 Digital January 31, 2023, 12:13 PM
Grade 7 student joins public school. TV47
Silver lining for Grade 7 student moved from private to public school. PHOTOS/TV47

In Summary

  • Grade 7 students began reporting to their junior secondary schools on Monday, January 30, marking the beginning of the second phase of implementing the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).
  • The government directed that Junior secondary schools be domiciled in the existing primary schools.

As schools enter day two of admitting junior secondary students, Leila Muthoni is excited about joining a public school.

The Grade Seven student on Monday, January 30 joined Kiambu Primary School, having moved from St. Anthony's School. She admits to feeling a bit scared of the new environment but hopeful of a good three years ahead.

"I felt afraid when I saw the number of students in my class is much higher than my pervious school. The students were friendly. I got a few friends who gave me a tour of the school and told stories about this school," Muthoni says.

Her guardian Pauline Gachie says the decision to transfer her was because of the high admission fees in private schools.

"We were short on finances. They were to buy books, uniform, tuition fees, computer, swimming, all that cumulatively came to around KSh102,000. She has siblings who also require fees so we sought this school for her," Gachie adds.

'Only books, school uniform'

At the public school, junior secondary students are only required to purchase exercise books and school uniforms. "So far, we have spent less than KSh10,000," she says. Additionally, the Grade 7 students are to submit copies of their birth certificates, guardian's identity cards and passport photos for records.

For Muthoni, joining Kiambu Primary School for her junior secondary education is a blessing in disguise.

"My cousin sat for his KCPE in this school and was admitted to a national school. I want the same for myself," Muthoni said.

Gachie revealed that her son was the top pupil at Kiambu Primary during the 2022 KCPE having scored 391 marks. He received an admission to Nanyuki Boys High School and will report on February 6. She believes pupils from public schools are always "favoured" during admission into secondary schools.

"I think most chances in good secondary schools are usually offered to pupils from public schools. Kiambu Primary School performed very well during last year's KCPE examinations. My niece (Muthoni) was so inspired and was excited to join this school. It is true that the number of pupils is much higher here but Muthoni says she is ready to take up the challenge to do her best and shine above the rest."

As at now, each Grade Seven class at Kiambu Primary School hold an average of 55 students. The class comprises of four streams bringing the total to about 220 junior secondary students.

The students are to take up 14 subjects with an additional optional subject.

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