"Uhuru supported Raila, but he didn't have the 'system'" - Prof. Makau Mutua

for Tv47 Digital February 06, 2023, 11:57 AM
Azimio spokesperson Prof. Makau Mutua
A file photo of Azimio La Umoja spokesperson Prof. Makau Mutua. He says that although Uhuru Kenyatta supported the presidential candidacy of Raila Odinga, the 'system' was wholly behind William Ruto.

In Summary

  • Azimio spokesperson Prof. Makau Mutua says that William Ruto was the largest beneficiary of the fall-out between him and former President UHuru Kenyatta.
  • Prof. Mutua says that after the fall-out, Ruto was able to marshal the support of key state machinery as well as state officers, and that is why he was able to clinch the presidency. 

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition spokesperson Prof. Makau Mutua now says that former President Uhuru Kenyatta was a victim of mass betrayals during the fallout with his then-deputy William Ruto.

According to Prof. Mutua, Ruto benefitted the most after falling out with his boss in the run up to the August 9 2022 General Election, marshalling the support of key state machinery as well as state officers.

"It is a very very complex issue. I have asked questions about the Uhuru Kenyatta- William Ruto split. The biggest question has always being 'who has gone away with the biggest and most lethal chunk of the estate?'' Prof. Mutua posed in an interview with Spice FM on Monday, February 6, adding, "What we know now is that Mr. Ruto really superintended and controlled the biggest chunk of estate and most lethal elements of the estate."

The law scholar attributes his theory to the reason why Ruto was able to clinch the presidency, despite Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga enjoying the backing of a sitting head of state.

"It is fair to say that Mr Kenyatta - for reasons that historians will debate into the science of time, was betrayed by a lot of people around him. Although Mr Kenyatta supported Mr Odinga's candidacy, he did not have the machinery of the state. The system was not with Mr kenyatta," he added.

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