Students camp outside governor's residence overnight demanding removal of "incompetent" principal

for Tv47 Digital February 13, 2023, 02:14 PM
Students from Chepkorniswo High School storm out of school, camp at governor's residence. TV47
Chepkorniswo High School sudents outside governor Simon Kachapin's residence. PHOTO/TV47

In Summary

  • Students of Chepkorniswo Boys High School spend the night outside governor Simon Kachapin's residence after storming out of school.
  • They demand the ouster of the school's principal accusing him of mismanagement.

Students of Chepkorniswo Boys High School in Kapenguria, West Pokot County, on Sunday, February 12 evening stormed out of the school demanding wholesome reforms in the institution.

The students spent the night outside Governor Simon Kachapin's residence, demanding his audience on the '"emotive" matter.

Among the students' grievances is the immediate removal of the current principal whom they accuse of mismanagement. The students allege that the school lacks enough teachers resulting in a lack of paid remedial classes.

"All students left the school at 10:00 pm and got here at the governor's residence at midnight. We were asked to wait outside his gate and we are waiting for the governor to help us," a student - identified only as Collins - told TV47. "Our principal is not helping us at the moment but the only way he can do that is by going home so that he can relax," added the student.

'We were hungry'

While speaking to TV47, the students admitted having recently raided a sugarcane plantation and stealing half of the sugarcane. 

"We were hungry so we harvested sugarcane from someone's farm. The remedial fees we have been paying will pay for the sugarcane we stole," said another student.

"The whole school has only one English teacher yet it is an extra-county school. We do not have exercise books yet we pay school fees. The principal should just go," added another.

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