Furore over DP Gachagua's "gov't is like a company with shareholders" remark

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DP Rigathi Gachagua government is like a company with shareholders
DP Rigathi Gachagua: "Si wale walipanda wavune kwanza?" PHOTO/FILE

In Summary

  • DP Gachagua was speaking in Kericho on Sunday Feb. 19. 
  • He said his role at State House includes deciding who is who in the pecking order: "Nikiona wewe hukupanda nakutoa wewe kwa line nakurudisha nyuma."

Furore has greeted remarks by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua that a government resembles a company whose first responsibility is to pay dividends to shareholders. 

Speaking in Kericho on Sunday February 19, DP Gachagua said those who supported President William Ruto's candidature during the August 2022 general election have the largest number of shares in the Kenya Kwanza government, thus are in the front line of reaping dividends.  

"Hii serikali ni kampuni na ni ya shares. Kuna wenye kampuni, wale wako na shares mingi, kuna wale wako na chache (na) kuna wale hawana. Sasa nyinyi mli-invest kwa hii kampuni ya William Ruto na Rigathi Gachagua. Sasa lazima mvune.....wakati wa kuvuna ndio huu."  

(This government is like a company with shareholders...there are those with majoriry shares, others with minority, and others without. Since you invested in this company of William Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua, you must reap...this is the time for reaping where you sowed." 

And in what seemed like taking a stab at opposition members of parliament who have been warming up to the Kenya Kwanza administration, DP Gachagua said they are at the bottom of the pecking order. 

"Si wale walipanda wavune kwanza?..Wakishavuna ile itabaki kidogo wale hawakupanda waingie watafute ile itapatikana wachukue wakwende." 

He said such an arrangement will lead the electorate into making more judicious decisions while voting. And that his role at State House includes deciding who is who in this pecking order.

"Mimi naangalia kwa line, nkiona wewe ulipanda natoa wewe nyuma napeleka mbele. Nikiona wewe hukupanda nakutoa wewe kwa line nakurudisha nyuma."

The DP's sentiments have sparked debate on social media with most Kenyans condemning them. Earlier, President William Ruto had pledged equitable distribution of the national cake regardless of the political support he received last August. 

"How on earth can he (DP Gachagua) say government is like a company with a few shareholders?" poses Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina. "I should lend him my pipe maybe ….just maybe he will see the light!"

"If the Goverment has become a company with shareholders then how will all Kenyans pay TAXES to a company belonging to two individuals," poses Suna East MP Junet Mohamed

Twitter user Godfrey opines, "DP Gachagua is not a Nationalist. He is divisive. A statesman does speak of whom to be punished because he/she didn't vote you in."

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