Uganda: Two men arrested for gang-raping 19-year-old boy

for Tv47 Digital February 20, 2023, 01:56 PM

In Summary

  • Police in Uganda are probing a matter where a 19-year-old man was allegedly sodomised by two men.
  • The teenager reported the matter a month after the incident allegedly occurred because he was afraid and embarrassed. 

Two men are in police custody following a report made by a 19-year-old man that they sodomised him. The suspects allegedly abused the teenager sexually a month ago.

He told the Kampala police that he battled with the idea of reporting the matter because he was afraid and embarrassed. 

The victim was reportedly promised a job by one of the suspects when they met at a salon where he (victim) worked. He promised him a better job and they kept in communication from then onwards.

Sodomised by gang

One of the suspect allegedly invited the victim to spend the night in his home so that they would travel together the following morning to pursue the victim's new job opportunity.

"The victim said that at night, the suspect showed him where he would sleep. He said it was the same bed that the suspect was also going to sleep in. While in the house, another man visited and they wrestled him (victim) down and they sodomised him in turns," Assistant Superintendent of Police Owoyesigyire told the Daily Monitor

Police are still collecting enough evidence in order to make a watertight case.

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