Gachagua: "President Ruto doesn't dish out development, Parliament does"

for Tv47 Digital March 13, 2023, 06:24 AM
Rigathi Gachagua on distribution of national resources
A file of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. He says that Kenya Kwanza Government will distribute national resources equally to all parts of the country, regardless of whether President William Ruto got votes in those regions or not.

In Summary

  • Gachagua says that his "government is like a company with shares" remarks are only applicable when it comes to President Ruto forming government.

    • He clarified that his remarks that parts of the country that did not vote overwhelmingly for Kenya Kwanza government will be sidelined on matters development.

    Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has clarified that his "government is like a company with shares" remarks in no way meant that parts of the country that did not vote overwhelmingly for President William Ruto will be sidelined on matters development.

    Speaking on Sunday, March 12 night, DP Gachagua said that his remarks were only applicable when it came to President Ruto forming government, as he had to appoint individuals who were with him through and through.

    "So those people who were opposed to President William Ruto, saying that he's a thief, he is incapable of running this country, he has no agenda, the bottom-up economic agenda is useless...there is no way we can allow him to invite those people to his Cabinet, to be principal secretaries, to be ambassadors," Gachagua said in an interview with media houses at his Karen residence.

    Ruto doesn't dish out development

    Gachagua said that when it comes to the issue of sharing of national resources, the projects will be shared equally - as per the Constitution - because all Kenyans in all parts of the country pay taxes equally.

    In any case, he maintained that the President does not dish out development projects, the National Assembly does.

    "As a government in terms of development and public resources, all Kenyans must be treated equally. And the president does not dish out development... appropriation of funds for development is done by the National Assembly, and all parties are represented through the budget cycle.

    "Therefore, the issue of discrimination as far as resources are concerned is non-existent. All Kenyans are taxpayers and the government of President William Ruto and I will serve all Kenyans equally in matters development," he added.

    He says that President Ruto and he demonstrated this fact when they visited Luo Nyanza - a region that voted overwhelmingly for Raila Odinga in August 2022 polls - in February, and unveiled several projects that will help the residents.

    "In fact last month, the President and I were in Luo-Nyanza - where we got very few votes - unveiling development projects. This is because even if they did not vote for us, they are Kenyans and pay taxes. But when it comes to forming government, no president anywhere in the world would invite people who do not believe in him, who do not believe in his agenda, who cannot support him because they don't understand his agenda."

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