What postmortem on Jeff Mwathi's body revealed

for Tv47 Digital March 31, 2023, 05:56 PM
Coffin bearing the remains of Jeff Mwathi during his initial burial.
Coffin bearing the remains of Jeff Mwathi during his initial burial. PHOTO/FILE

In Summary

  • Jeff Mwathi's body was momentarily exhumed from his final resting place in Likia, Nakuru, on Friday March 31. 
  • He died on Feb. 22 after a fall from the 12th floor apartment of Mugithi sensation Dj Fatxo, which was initially ruled as a suicide. 

A postmortem conducted on the body of Jeff Mwathi by Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor shows he had fractures on the upper and lower limbs, neck, cervical spine, and severe head injuries. 

The postmortem, conducted on Friday March 31, followed the exhumation of his body by Directorate of Criminal Investigations detectives as the probe into his mysterious death gains pace. 

Jeff, a 23-year-old interior designer, died on February 22 allegedly after falling from the 12th floor apartment belonging to Mugithi sensation DJ Fatxo (real name Lawrence Njuguna). 

His death had initially been ruled as a suicide. But a series of controversial events sparked public pressure to have DCI look further into the claim. 

"We have taken more samples to carry out a toxicology test and also to establish if he was sexually molested before he met his death," said Oduor. It will take about three months to get conclusive results, he added. 

"After the autopsy l have established that he had severe head injuries that almost raptured the skull." 

Dr Oduor also said: “We have taken some swabs from the anal region which will undergo DNA. We have taken samples for toxicological analysis to know whether some toxins were involved or drugs so now we will analyse and come up with results.”

Based on the results of this second postmortem and the investigations conducted by DCI detectives at the home of DJ Fatxo, detectives will be able to conclude whether Jeff's death was a result of suicide or a gruesome murder. 

Jeff's body was reburied at his parents' home in Likia, Njoro sub-County, Nakuru. 

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