"Ntalipisha tu ka 300K" - Ngesh reveals her rate card for a live performance

for Tv47 Digital May 25, 2023, 02:08 PM

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The viral hitmaker Mary Njeri known as Ngesh Wavasha has revealed the rate card for her live performance saying she won't charge less than KSh300,000.

"Kwa live performance gig nitalipisha kitu kama 300k watu wako na pesa," said Ngesh on Dr.Ofweneke Tonight show on Wednesday, May 24.

The Naivasha-born artist's lyrics went viral on 23rd May and she became an internet sensation with many Kenyans showing amazement at her creativity and confidence.

Ngesh revealed that she joined the music industry in 2022 and despite producing several songs, they never performed well until her latest one.

The hitmaker praised the music group, Spider Clan, which has assisted her throughout her musical career terming their support as very crucial in her music career success.

 The gengetone artiste hinted at the possibility of her working with big Kenyan artists like Ssaru and Reckless in the future.

"Soon I will be back to the studio to produce a new hit with Spider Clan but I will charge other big artists who will be interested in a collabo with me," Ngesh added.

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