"He almost killed me," Saumu Mbuvi claims, confirms break-up with Senator Loitiptip

for Tv47 Digital February 16, 2021, 04:13 PM
saumu mbuvi and senator loitiptip
Saumu Mbuvi and Senator Loitiptip when they were on good terms. Inset, a photo of Samu Mbuvi with swollen face and bruised lips. PHOTO/ COURTESY.

Saumu shared her photo showing a swollen face and bruised lips, suggesting that it was Senator Loitiptip's doing. PHOTO/ COURTESY.

Saumu promised to share more damning details with regards to her nasty break-up with the lawmaker at a later date.

Saumu and Loitiptip welcomed their baby on March 8, 2020, an occasion that coincided with International Women’s Day. The two had been dating since 2019.

Their daughter also shares a birthday with her elder sister and Saumu’s first child whom she sired with businessman-cum-politician Ben Gatu.

Saumu broke up with Gatu over domestic violence.

“We started as friends, dated for nine months, and we broke up when I was heavily pregnant. He used to beat me and after sharing with my pals, I went to my dad and told him I couldn’t take it anymore. I told him ‘I know I have wronged you’, and he accepted me back as a father,” Saumu said when she was breaking up with Gatu.

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