'Moral Cop' Ezekiel Mutua, Comedian Mulamwah, trade barbs over unfulfilled promises

for Tv47 Digital February 16, 2021, 04:05 PM
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Slapstick comedian David Oyado alias Mulamwah, and Ezekiel Mutua, Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, have sparred on Twitter over a promise unkept.

The tiff was triggered by a Tweet from Mulamwah's archives reminding Mutua of his pledge to buy the comedian a new shirt, mentor him, and make him an ambassador of clean content.

"Hellow sir," wrote Mulamwah, "it’s almost a year since your promise, did you mean it or you were just tweeting for the moment, or am I “inaccessible”? If the GVT cannot help us as youth, then please don’t instill false hope in us, it’s better you leave us to suffer in peace."

The challenge seemed to rub Mutua the wrong way. "Bro," replied the man who seems to have a penchant for picking fights with comedians, "my little token of support was personal, not Govt. Sorry if it gave you a false sense of entitlement."

Mutua says KFCB did a background check on Mulamwah, and he "didn't fit the 'Clean Content Ambassadors' bill."

"We do not support filth and bad manners. Content does not have to be dirty to sell," Mutua further vented.

Mulamwah's interaction with Mutua started with civility last April, when the former sought the KFCB boss's help to arrest cyber bullying. Then, Mutua had come to Mulamwah's defense on Twitter after a barrage of criticism from Kenyans on Twitter.

"I hear that the twitterates is driving Mulamwah out of comedy and into depression. Bro pick yourself up and give me a call. I will buy you a new shirt, mentor you, and make you an ambassador of clean content. The best way of dealing with cyberbullies is to refuse to give up," Mutua said at that time.

Last December, Mutua and yet another comedian Eric Omondi, traded words online after he trashed Eric's comical antics, terming them "immoral."

Taking issue on the Big Tyme Entertainment CEO's reality programme Wife Material, Mutua dismissed it as a brothel.

"This is not the way to address the president of an entire continent," Eric shot back. "Stop using my name for these cheap PUBLICITY stunts. I have never understood exactly what you do for a living. You have not helped the entertainment industry in any way(sic)."

Though the matter died down as rapidly as it had started, it is certainly not the last we are seeing of online fights between entertainers and the KFCB boss.

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