Newlywed woman in agony as husband goes on 3-year sex boycott

for Tv47 Digital June 19, 2019, 12:31 PM

A newly wedded woman from Eldoret is in agony over her husband who she claims has denied her sex for four months as payback for denying him during courtship.

Chebet Lucy, not her real name, confesses she withheld sex from the hubby for three years during their courtship because of her Christian values. The man, however, was against it and complained often.

“He kept on complaining every now and then but I took my stand then he said I will pay for it,” Chebet explained.

For the months they have now been married, Chebet says her husband had sex with her only once during their wedding night. The husband told her that he only wanted to confirm if she was a virgin.

“After that first time, my husband has refused to give me my conjugal rights saying that he wants me to feel what he felt when I deprived him of sex during dating,” narrated Chebet.

Lucy has tried all sorts of tricks to get his husband in bed with her but all options have failed. “I have tried seduction and all sorts of tricks but he’s not falling for anything and I am beginning to lose my cool,” frustrated Moraa laments.

She alleges that the husband wants to revenge for three years.

Lucy Chebet has now come out in the public through Facebook to seek advice on how she can go about the situation and also get him to bed this time for real.

“He can’t do this to me for three years, right? I mean if not for anything we need to have kids. Who should I consult first, his family, my family or counselor? What other methods can I use to make him have sex,” Anxious Chebet says

Chebet says they are doing good in other areas of marriage except for the sex deprivation for which she needs an urgent solution.

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