QATAR WORLD CUP 2022: Mexican fan busted using binoculars to smuggle alcohol inside stadium

for Tv47 Digital November 26, 2022, 09:08 AM
Security officers in Qatar inspect binoculars from a Mexican fan. PHOTO | FILE

In Summary

  • Qatari officials banned the sale of alcoholic drinks to fans at stadiums during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
  • The decision came hours before the start of the month-long tournament, which is being held for the first time in a conservative Muslim nation where the sale of alcohol is tightly controlled.

Police in Qatar have confiscated a pair of fake Binoculars which was used by a Mexican fan to smuggle alcohol inside the 974 Stadium.

In the unexpected turn of events, the Mexican fan had disguised his water bottle to binoculars where he had the drink inside.

Unfortunately for him, he was busted just before he made his way into the ground for Mexico’s clash with Poland on November 22.

Clearly suspicious about something, one of the security officers examined the binoculars when he was met with a funny smell prompting him to unscrew the binoculars.

Prior to the official kick-off of the World Cup, FIFA bowed to pressure from Qatar and the Muslim community thus banning the sale of alcohol inside stadiums during the quadrennial tournament.

To ensure the ban is upheld, supporters must go through a security check before entering each stadium, which is where our Mexican friends were caught red-handed.

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